Jesus is Good Shepherd and we are sheep of his flock. From far flattering, we are depicted as fragile and fickle creatures who willfully disobey and wander away. We will look closely at Psalm 23 through eyes of our compassionate and caring shepherd who offers to help and hold us as we walk through the dark valleys of fear, anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Looking to Jesus through this Psalm we can once again discover the lavish love of Christ and lament all the ways we like sheep have gone astray.

Dealing with Loneliness

Time Magazine recently called loneliness the next great health epidemic on par with obesity and substance abuse. David tells us that we can live with the security of belonging, knowing that we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. God will hold you and help you, Jesus wants to carry you and care for you, so come home! Find biblical community in a group and/or on mission.

Dealing with Depression

David tells us that the dark valley is part of our human journey. No matter our experience, our comfort is knowing “Thou art with me.” Offer support groups and counseling resources for those battling mental health, depression, or a dark night of the soul.

Dealing with Anxiety

We are anxious about everything. Worrying is like praying to yourself, while David tells us that God makes us lie down in green pastures. The strange thing about sheep is because of their very make up it is almost impossible for them to made to lie down unless four requirements are met. Which one (fear, friction, pests or hunger) robs your joy and contributes to your anxiety? Memorize Psalm 23 and pray it every night.