Student Resources

Parents Live

Monday at 10:30 AM

Parents, we want to partner and connect with you! We’ve got a Parent Facebook page just for you. Join our student staff on Facebook Live each Monday at 10:30AM as we give updates, answer questions, and share more about what God is doing in student’s lives as we gather online.

Adult Leaders Live

Tuesday at 10:30 AM

Each Tuesday at 10:30 AM, we’re going live on our student leader page! A time to connect with other leaders, share about student LIFEGroups, and hear the latest updates from our student staff.

Student Worship Live

Wednesday 6:20 PM

Wednesday night worship on Instagram live (@bbcstudentstuff) as well as streaming on YouTube is a time for all of our students to come together and continue to worship from home.  Then at 7:00, each student jumps into their grade & gender small group on ZOOM.  Don’t have a group?  Let us connect you to one by reaching out at

Instagram Live

Sunday 4 PM

Tune in Sunday morning at 9:00 AM 10:30 AM with your family for worship! Then join some of our staff over on our Instagram Live (@bbcstudentstuff) at 4:00 PM for table talk questions related to that morning’s message